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The Project


The JAWA project is a 50 piece photo exhibit created by Charzette Torrence which depicts the lives of people in the LGBTQI community and it is an expression which uplifts the visual life-imagery of LGBTQI individuals, who have deeply affected the world in which we live. 


These photos have an immediate and fascinating effect on non-LGBTQI viewers.  They illustrate the reality of LGBT individuals as hard-working and successful members of the greater society.  As we approach a tipping point by the rest of American society in its view of LGBTQI people, these photos provide a bridge that those who are reshaping their old ideas can cross.  On the other side are people who have the same quiet pride in their work and desire to contribute to American life that we all hope to have.  That image is far different from the more sensational media images which continue to show LGBTQI people only, or at least predominantly, as flamboyant others.  Those distorted media images lead to misunderstanding and fear.  The images from the Just As We Are project lead to something better.


"Has a vision of change the world and I Believe this project will do that"- Dr. Marjorie Hill

Photographer Charlie T

shows LGBTQI community

‘Just As We Are"

- by Jessica carreras for Between the lines

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